Bad Behavior
Falcon Studios

Caesar, Kristian Alvarez, Nino Bacci, Sam Crockett, Marcus Iron, Jeremy Jordan, Chad Kennedy, Scott Matthews, Gage Michaels, Addison Scott, Enrico Vega, Nick Young, Spike, Drew Damon

When bible-thumpers Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy go out to spread the good word, little do they suspect what lurks in the hearts of all those horny and hedonistic souls. Addison Scott is the minister of sex as he instructs his believers in following the ways of the flesh ... and Marcus and Chad can do nothing else but obey.

Best of Caesar, The
Catalina Video

Caesar, Erik Mann, Tuck Johnson, Thom Southern, Ray Harley, Andrew Lennox

Before our boy Caesar won Men in Video's "Hottest Rising Star", the Grabby's "Best Performer" and the 2001 GayVN Video Award for Best Newcomer (talk about a fucking trophy case!), he made some very dirty movies for Catalina Video. Finally, the boy gets his due from the studio.
Collected here are scenes from the aptly-titled Chi Chi LaRue homage Hail Caesar and Josh Eliot's long-time-in-mail-order-only Voyager. He's certainly gone on to bigger and better projects (GayVN winner Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang and his sleazy turn in Married Cops Do spring to mind), but his early flicks showcase him quite well, thank you.

If you've never experienced his killer smile, wicked body, make-me-weak tats, perfect glutes, tongue piercing (since removed), delectable cock (still intact) or winning personality in person, this is the next best thing. We simply out-and-out love the guy; you will too. -Keeneye Reeves

Built for Sex
Catalina Video

Caesar, Steve Rambo, Erik Michaels, Leo Tanner, Glenn Matthews, Rick Hammersmith, Eddie Moreno, Jacob Scott, Mike Radcliffe, Mark Reed, Casey Williams

A compilation of scenes from Catalina Video. Scenes included here are Mike Radcliffe getting plowed by Jacob Scott from Sex Sessions; Caesar fucking Erik Michael's in Groom for Hire; Rick Hammersmith, getting plowed by Eddie Moreno in Lighten My Load; Steve Rambo, Glenn Matthews and Leo Tanner threewaying in Name Your Pleasure; Mark Reed fucking Casey Williams poolside in Let Loose; and Steve Rambo popping out a string of pleasure balls and more in Name Your Pleasure.

Studio 2000

Mark Slade, Chris Steele, Nick Savage, Brenden Keith, Jon Eric, John Ross, Ethan Marc, Derek Michaels (aka Caesar), Marcus Caine, Matt West

Caesar's Hardhat Gangbang
Men of Odyssey

Caesar, Richard Bangs, Mason Flynt, Stonie, Allan Sunn, Ryan Block, Dave Casino, Jeremy Tucker, Shahan

It’s hard luck for Caesar when his car breaks down in an industrial construction zone. Hoping to use the phone, he unknowingly walks onto a construction site where the guys are planning to initiate new crew member Stonie and make him a man. The stunned Caesar watches as Stonie is forced to service one huge cock after another. Hoping to join in on the action, muscle stud Caesar suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of bull meat from all eight guys! They take turns stuffing Caesar’s mouth with cock and using their tongues and fingers to pry open his ass. These hard-asses throw him back and take turns plowing his now willing ass. The action climaxes as the crew forces him to his knees and uses his hard, muscled body for their cum rag

Catalina Cuties
Catalina Video

Arik Travis, Caesar, Chris Stone, Cody Foster, Erik Michaels, Joey Stefano, Kevin Williams, Lon Flexxe, Michel Mattel, Steve Ross, Tuck Johnson

Another compilation from Catalina Video's massive vaults. This one has the emphasis on the younger and cuter dudes who worked for the studio, including superstar bottomslut Joey Stefano.

Coach, The
Pacific Sun Entertainment

Caesar, Chris Steele, Dante, Joshua Scott, Marc West, Mike Radcliffe, Zachery Scott, Brandon James, Chuck Ford

Good Lord! Caesar and Chris Steele? Together?!? Can you ask for a hotter fucking duo? (And I mean that both literally and figuratively!) We can't wait to see this one (pant, pant). No release date has yet been announced, -Keeneye Reeves (TLAVideo)
From the liner notes:
"Under close supervision of The Coach, spirited super-jocks exhibit prick-pummeling prowess, exchanging blows and humpin' extra-hard to keep their balls in the field of play."

Catalina Video

Caesar, Paul Dawson, Michael Brandon, Joe Kennedy, Jake Summers, Erik Michaels, Sam Crockett, Mark Bruno

Caesar, Joe Kennedy, Jake Summers, Michael Brandon go at it in the mechanics section of the airport....some big ass cocks get serviced. Meanwhile, Security Officer, Mark Bruno, spots the group on his hidden camera. Mark pulls his giant cock out and beats off while watching the group.
Sam Crockett and Erik Michaels are loading the luggage into the cargo area of the plane. A bag spills open and sex toys galore cover the floor. The two decide to thy them out on each other. Some hot Fuck and Suck action in the bowels of the plane.
Paul Dawson's cock ring has caused the metal detector to go off. So Security officer Tony Acosta is forced to take him to the back room to get himself off. Hot flip flop suck and fuck action.
Ahh the friendly skies... Once the plane is airborne, the passengers get hungry for some action. Pilot Steve Rambo gets first officer Radcliffe to abandon the cockpit so he can go at it with 1st class flight attendant Sam Burton. Mutual oral service is provided.
Alex Manning and Graham decide to join the mile high club by hi-tailing it to the bathroom for some sucking action.
Tuck Johnson leaves his sleeping lover in his seat while he ventures back to the tail end of the plane for some group action with Jay Paxton, and Julian Housten. Eventually Graham and Alex Manning exit the bathroom and join in the fun. Hot oral.
Co-Pilot Mike Radcliffe gets his turn in the cockpit with passenger Eduardo. Mutual oral servicing.
Pilot Steve Rambo gets the charter agent in the rear of the plane and gets some hard ass pounding in his rear. Incredible insertion and penetration shots... ...make for a very bumpy flight.

Big Blue Productions

Caesar, Brad Rock, Tom Katt, Rhett O'Hara, Dane Brando, Sal Lombardi, Staten McCormack, Ray Stone, Kelly Madison, Evan Taylor

All hail the great Caesar's return! Looking bigger and buffer than ever, the now professionally-competing bodybuilder makes a now-rare porn appearance to show off his killer bod and killer smile once again. Matched with fellow body builder Tom Katt and a whole slew of newcomers, this latest from director Blue Blake is certain to get a "yee-haa!" out of us.

From the liner notes:
"Caesar is Cowboy.
Some men are just born bad…

A man with the body of a god and a soul of the devil.
A man who will do anything to fulfill his twisted desires.

Groom For Hire
Catalina Video

Caesar, Rob Corona, Erik Michaels, Erik Mann, Rand Hawlke, Chad Johnson, Sam Burton, Matt Douglas, and David Griffin.

Rob Corona and Erik Mann. Rob starts by giving Erik's nine-inch dick a serious blow job. Rob lets Erik give his big thick dick a blow job and then cums all over his face. Rand Hawlke & Matt Douglas. Rand gives Matt's huge dick a good sucking, followed by rimming Matt's tight hole. Matt finishes the job by giving Rand a much needed blow job. Fantastic cum shots. Caesar & Erik Michaels. Caesar starts by giving hot stud Erik a deep sexy blow job. Muscle stud Caesar lets Erik suck his hard cock. Erik wants more, so Caesar fucks his face while playing with his own hole. Sam Burton & David Griffin. David's already sucking hot muscle hunk Sam Burton's thick fat cock. Tattoo muscle stud David eats Sam's bubble butt. Sam needs to suck David's fat juicy dick which leads to hot cum all over. Rob Corona & Chad Johnson. Hot stud Chad sucks off Rob's thick Latin dick and then eats his hot bubble butt. After showing his hot hole, Chad dildos Rob into coming all over.

Hail Caesar
Catalina Video

Caesar, Reed Parker, Dylan Reece, Peter Logan, Thom Southern, Andrew Lennox, Marvin Brooks, andCarlos Leo.

Carlos and Marvin. The action starts with Marvin going down on Carlos. Lots of heavy talk from Carlos makes this scene really hot. Both guys shoot their loads. Caesar and Andrew. Caesar sucks on Andrews huge cock. Andrew returns the favor by burying his tongue in Caesars man-hole. Caesar is very good at getting his ass licked. Peter and Dylan. Peter and Dylan swap blow jobs. Peter sucks his own and Dylan joins him. Very hot. Peter does the up and over with the heels and gets fucked by Dylan while sucking his own cock. Extremely hot. The pair shoot their jizzy loads. Reed Parker does a Solo which is intercut with the scene of Dylan and Peter. He watches the two and Solos to climax after they both shoot. Thom and Caesar. Caesar shows once again how good he is at getting his ass licked as Thom rims him forever. Then Thom sucks and fucks Caesar. The Reed Solo was really erotic. Nice cock. Peter sucking his cock while getting fucked was incredible. Thom was a suprisingly splendid performer.

Journey Back, The
Men of Odyssey

Zak Spears, Tony Donovan, Caesar, Logan Reed, Anthony Cox, Nino Bacci, Kyle Kennedy, Leo Bramm, Hans Ebson, Trey Nealson, Michael Lance, Tommy Saxx, Billy Knight, Mark Rockwell, Michael Brandon, Alec Martinez, Jackson Price, Kurt Young

From the liner notes:
"Sometimes you can't stay away. . .
Have you ever left a job, and then missed it? Or maybe you wish you could see your co-workers again? As a pornstar, these questions are asked by just about everyone you see. Zak Spears is no exception. The difference is he's back! Now you can get a "pornomentary" look at how he got here. Welcome back, Zak! We missed you!"

Live and Raw :The Movie
Live and Raw

Kyle Kennedy, Caesar, Nino Bacci, Logan Reed, Casey Williams, Tuck Johnson, Jason Hawke, Jackson Price, Michael Brandon, Hans Ebson, Eric Evans, Brent Banes, Nick Young, Spike, Joey Davis

A behind-the-scenes look at director Chi Chi LaRue's online sex site that just so happens to feature some of the biggest pornstars of the day (literally and figuratively!) Here you'll get to peek in on Caesar, Kyle, Nino, Miss Chi Chi and a whole bevy of others as they prep, preen and pound for your online pud-pulling pleasure.

Married Cops Do
Big Blue Productions

Caesar, Duke Miller, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors (aka Chad Conners), Glenn Matthews, Blue Blake (non-sexual), T.J. Hart (non-sexual), Tony Valentino (non-sexual), Cherry Taylor (non-sexual), Deliah (non-sexual)

Sometimes the Code of Silence is stonger than the bond of matrimony. . .


Naked Muscle 2004 Calendar
Big Blue Productions

Caesar, Tom Katt, Thor, Brad Rock, Rhett O'Hara, Nick Lord, Jake Gianelli, Rico Dulce, Jim Slade, Scott Gunz, Evan Taylor, Kelly Madison

Twelve hunks with massive muscles worth worshipping. These guys are astonishingly bigger and buffer than ever. We've got the beef! Includes stars Caesar, Tom Katt, and ten other big guys!

Playing Hard @ IML 2000 (Hardcore Director's Cut)
Channel 1 Releasing

Clint Cooper, Chi Chi LaRue, Lance Gear, Mike Taylor, Caesar non-sexual), Kyle Kennedy (non-sexual)

The "official" film sanctioned by IML itself, this is the hardcore, uncut and explicit version of pornstar-turned-director Cooper's foray into the world of the popular leather weekend extravaganza.
You'll see everything from behind-the-scenes stuff never before captured on tape, to meeting the contestants, to some cameos from some of the biggest people in the industry, to some really seedy tricking in public places.

Fans of onscreen piercings, hot waxings, electric shock applications, urethral rod insertions and real leathermen will be moist as all get out. This is the first time the IML event committee has agreed to let someone film the goings-on; if you've never been to the event itself, it's definitely worth a trip!

Playing with Fire 3
All Worlds Video

Caesar, Jake Gianelli, Sam Tyson, Filippo Romano, Joe Foster, Tag Adams, Lance Landers, Ken Houser, Lexx Parker, Barrett Long

A three-alarm sex hoedown! Continuing in the tradition of the previous Playing with Fire films, this one’s just as scorching as the first two.
These firemen are so hot, that you’ll keep cumming back for more and more!


Playing with Fire: All Worlds Video 2004 Calendar
All Worlds Video

Caesar, Tag Adams, Steve Shannon, Ty Fox, Billy Herrington, Gregg Rockwell, Steve Cassidy, Chris Thunder, Mark Slade, Jake Gianelli, Ken Houser

Firefighters can do more that just fight fires as in this calendar with fully nude photos from All Worlds Playing with Fire series. Mostly hard-onsngrace the pages of this slickly photographed collection of porn star photos - all shot inside a firehouse. Massive beefy men for your pleasure.

Size it Up!
Catalina Video

Caesar, Ray Harley, Hans Ebson, Yuri Breshnev, Mark Bruno, Joe Hartford, Ariel Santos, Shahan, Clint Walker, Buster

The box art screams "Over 80 inches of man-meat
getting solo-stroked to ten hot and juicy climaxes!"
Culled from some of Catalina Video's
more high profile titles of the past year,
this all-solo compilation tape has some of
the studio's hottest nut-blowing scenes.

Even if solos ain't your thing,
we figure that any chance to get a gander
at hunk of sex incarnate Caesar whacking his sack
is reason enough to take a gander.
-Keeneye Reeves

Jocks Studios

Caesar, Thom Barron, Leo Bramm, Clint Cooper, Cameron Fox, Gus Grant, Bryce London, Alec Martinez, Kevin Miles, Addison Scott, Matt Skyler and Jacob Wood

Addison Scott and Caesar have been arrested and thrown in jail. With the help of a fellow jailmate, they're SPRUNG out. These men have many encounters with muscled men, all of which are willing to lend a helping hand.

Strangers in the Forrest
Catalina Video

Sebastian, Lucas Rally, Dean Maxwell, Eduardo, Nathan Hamilton, Rand Hawlke, Erik Michaels, Paul Dawson, and Caesar.

Erik and Sebastian are nature photographers. They are out in the woods on assignment. Instead of spotting a bunch of birds, they find the forest is full of hot, hungry "strangers". Sebastian spots Caesar stoking his big boner in a tent. Caesar has a long, slow Solo session with lots of hot ass play. Back at camp, Sebastian tells Erik about the man-action. Erik sets out to find some of it for himself. He spots horny strangers, Dean Maxwell and Lucas Rally. After some oral exchange, Dean offers up his eager hole and Lucas drives his massive cock deep into it. Paul Dawson has been watching Erik as Erik was snapping photos of Dean and Lucas' steamy session. Paul tells Erik it's going on everywhere and points to his tent where Rand Hawlke is chowing down on Nathan Hamilton's manhood. Paul and Erik sneak around behind the tent and Erik snaps some pictures through the tent opening. Then Paul pulls Erik into the bushes and those two start some cock chomping of their own. The two oral scenes are intercut with each other. Rand goes down on Nathan. Cut to Erik going down on Paul. Back to Nathan blowing Rand, then Paul blowing Erik. The rimming scene with Paul's tongue up Eriks hole is fantastic as Erik takes the aggressive role and forces his ass into Paul's face repeatedly. In time, all four men shoot their loads. Sebastian can tell by the grin on Erik's face that he got laid. So Sebastian returns to Caesar's tent for some action. It seems that Caesar has gone for supplies, but his hunky lover, Eduardo is eager to accomodate Sebastian's advances. This pair of hairy-chested, uncut hunks in action is breathtaking! The great camera work catches Eduardo shooting his load while Sebastian is driving his cock in and out of Eduardo's hairy hole.

The Violation - Part 2: Surrender (Jocks Pac 105)
Jocks Studios

Eric Hart, Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jason Hawke, Tanner Hayes, Jeremy Jordan, Jackson Price, Colby Taylor

Miss Chi Chi continues her winning streak with this second multi-pack offering for Jocks Studios (her previous one - Convictions - was a four-star fuck feast!) Featuring tons of passionate - and sleazy - trickings, three-way fuck trains, deep-throatings, and two of the hottest blondes ever (Caesar and Jackson Price), it all adds up to one helluva Violation.

Violations Part 1 and 2
Jocks Studios

Robert Balint, Eric Hart, Scott Austin, Caesar, Roland Dane, Justin Dragon, Lance Gear, Jason Hawke, Tanner Hayes, Jeremy Jordan, Alec Martinez, Jackson Price, Logan Reed, Colby Taylor, Antonio Vega

From the liner notes:
"Colby Taylor's idyllic romance with Jackson Price is shattered by his partner's shameless infidelity. Deception, misunderstandings, confusion and doubt occur. With the help of Tanner Hayes, Colby discovers that a good man and some good lovin' is the quick remedy for a heavy heart. And Jackson ends up paying a high price for his cheating ways.

Throw in a chance run-in with some criminals on the lam, some over-zealous police detectives and you have an action feature chock full of intrigue and non-stop sex - including an intense fisting and punch-fucking scene between Lance Gear and Scott Austin; new Exclusive Justin Dragon makes his on-screen debut."

Catalina Video

Caesar, Pierce Vendetta, Rick Mathews, Anthony Cox, Michel Mattel, Scott Lyons, Jackson Reid, Paul Wendt, Rolio Vizarro, Jacob Ambers, Enrico Vega

Caesar and Erik Mann suck, fuck and dildo their way to climax in front of the fire in their Vermont home. Caesar leaves for the cruise.
Rambo and Radcliffe on the plane to the cruise. Rambo falls asleep and dreams of sucking off several guys (Scott Lyons, PaulWendt and Jacob Ambers) on a moonlit beach in Key West.
Tampa, Florida roof workers (Tuck Johnson, Pierce Vendetta, Rick Mathews) spot the cruise ship at port and the thought of all those gay passengers boarding gets them all hot and horny. Hot three-way suck and fuck action in the blistering sun on a warehouse roof overlooking Tampa bay.
When the cruise ship pulls into port in Key West, Ray Harley goes straight to his first gig, a private lap dance for a bed and breakfast owner. They suck and fuck on the patio while Mike Radcliffe sucks off a patron of the resort.
Michel Mattel is a guest at another Key West guesthouse....Anthony Cox is working around the pool. The two go at it poolside and we are treated to amazing coverage and four incredible fuck positions.
Back on the floating bathhouse Caesar, Steve Rambo, Ray Harley, Enrico Vega, Mike Radcliffe and stowaway Tuck Johnson all go at it in an unprecedented decktop free for all. Sucking and Fucking Galore as the horny passengers of this luxury liner look on.

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